Solar Panel Installation



Are you looking for a clean way to power your home or office? Kosmos Solar offers solar installations on residential and commercial properties. Solar power is one of the most reliable forms of renewable energy available. It can be used in several ways to help power your home or office. For many customers, the roof is the best location for solar installation due to the structural specifications that the panels require. If the roof is not available, there are other options, including ground mounting and shade awnings. Contact Kosmos Solar today to learn more about residential and commercial solar energy in the Arlington & San Antonio, TX area and start saving on your power bill.


Solar Ground Mounts are a viable option

If you are unable to install solar panels on the roof of your building because of space or orientation issues, ground-mounted solar panels are an option. Solar ground mounts enable you to optimize the Southern orientation of the panels in the ideal tilt in order to get the maximum amount of sunlight each day. Learn more about solar ground mounts by contacting KOSMOS Solar in the Arlington & San Antonio, TX area.


Although roof solar panels are far more common when it comes to solar energy, ground mounts can be an ideal alternative. There are a variety of benefits to using solar ground mounts, including:

  1. The ability to install a larger system on more land to maximize your energy potential
  2. The ability to maximize your energy generation by making sure the panels are facing the correct direction
  3. The ability to set up solar panels in the sunniest areas of your property

You also won’t have to worry about making changes to your roof or what to do when you need to replace your shingles down the road.


The principle behind solar power is that photovoltaic panels convert the sun’s rays into green energy. When it comes to solar installations, you want to keep a few things in mind, including:

  1. An ideal site is free of shade between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  1. A South-facing installation is preferred
  2. Over time, solar power systems pay for themselves and help reduce air pollution. Call 817-200-6111 today for a free quote on solar installation for your home or office.

Solar Panel Installation

At Kosmos Solar, we install solar panel systems in accordance with all local laws and regulations. We start by evaluating your roof to see if its size, slope and direction can support solar panels. We can install solar panels on the vast majority of roofs. If we do not believe rooftop solar panels are the best solution for your home, we can install a ground-mounted system so that you can still benefit from renewable solar energy.

Step 1: Initial Roof Evaluation

It all starts with a phone call. When you contact us and request a free evaluation for setup, we get right to work. Our rooftop solar panel experts begin by coming out to inspect your roof and assess its suitability for rooftop mounts. We will make sure you have all the information you need and present you with a no-obligation estimate for installation.

Step 2: Building Permits

After you choose to proceed with us, we make sure to pull all the required building permits and provide documentation to code enforcement. If your locality requires special permits for solar panel installation, we will make sure it’s all taken care of.

Step 3: Installing the Panels

Planning is the key to a good installation. We start the process by mapping out the locations of the stanchions that will support the solar panel array.

1). We take your roof’s size, pitch and slope into consideration when coming up with the best configuration for your rooftop solar panels. Your solar panels need to have a certain amount of tilt in order to convert sunlight into electricity at peak efficiency. We measure your roof’s tilt and set up the solar panels to receive the maximum amount of sunlight.

2). Once we’ve decided how to lay out the panels, we carefully drill holes into the rafters to prevent them from splitting, taking care to ensure the flashing fits beneath the roof’s shingles to prevent leakage. Then we secure the mounts with steel bolts. After the bolts are installed, we seal the area around them to make it airtight so that solar heat can’t escape.

3). Next, we attach the solar panels to the mounts. We measure the top, bottom and middle rails to make sure they are all equal and in alignment. We leave about a quarter of a foot of clearance between the panels and your rooftop to allow for airflow. This helps the panels perform at their best.

4). After the panels have been mounted, we connect them to your electrical supply by running the wiring up to each solar panel array. We install a micro inverter beneath the panels so that they are wired parallel to each other.

5). Next, we ground the entire system by attaching a copper grounding wire to each inverter. We settle each solar panel onto its stanchion and secure it.

6). Finally, we get the system hooked up by extending the wires from the solar panels and connecting them to your new electrical meter and sub-panel. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy the lower energy bills!


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